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Very Good Friday

For Mick Fanning At Bells

Very Good Friday, For Mick Fanning At Bells

 Kelly Slater fell on his first three waves of the final and resurrected himself with a huge 10-point 360 corkscrew. Yet even that wasn't enough to peg back Fanning's tight forehand hooks.  ©Joli

In offshore Bells and in front of a frothing crowd of Victorians, Mick Fanning has taken out one of the all time great finals of pro surfing history.

It was an emotional victory for the Kirra Boardrider, who dedicated the win to Kirra's recently-departed icon Michael Peterson. 

As Parko stated: "He’s a Kirra boy and he deserves it in memory of him. Michael was such a Kirra legend and Mick too, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting end to the day."